Truth of 2013

This I got from my favorite group on Yahoo! from a fellow group member, Thomas, to his credit. I am not exactly sure what he is referring to, but if any person is on Yahoo anyhow, I recommend they find out.

I do not know this author,

but, I agree with his assessment of false channels..

The question is;

“who do you now trust for the knowledge of Truth”?..

or, should you trust anyone..

This is what you are trying to decide..

If I misled you,

would you again trust me?..

Truth has no lies within It’s nature..

This is why, It is called Truth..

These words are your’s to ponder…

These wise words are what lead Me since the only half-fulfillment of my words on this blog since December 21. It has served its purpose: to prepare the people who have seen it for the new beginning, and yet there is much left to say. However, that may or may not come, as I do not normally take to blogging.   Only the Supreme Creator can tell us all that, as this contract has been fulfilled to its title. We shall see.Now that I am here, I must find my way on this world to fit in where I can be more useful even more so than presently i hope all this which has been useful for the few that have occasionally visited, and I thank you for coming. If any have questions, they can contact me on Facebook by the handle Ishan Metatron. May Father bless all his children on the dawn of a blessed New Age! Enjoy it…it is well-deserved!

I AM Metatron

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Last Post Before the End of Duality

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Addition to Another Channel










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20 hours ago
Message from Metatron
thru Hazel November 12, 2012I am Metatron of the Pure light of God. A celestial visitation preceded this message that I may come through the consciousness of this scribe to perform this message. It is a holy time upon your lands. Your firmament is being prepared and soon a new halo will surround your world. It is not yet complete however. I come not to speak to you of these matters.

I come to reintegrate you into the cosmic dynamic as your world is being prepared for great change. You cannot comprehend the movements taking place for indeed words are limited to correspond with you in a way that you will truly grasp the efficacy of what underlies the great movement. So we speak to you notionally, meaning in the language you can comprehend yet still this does not afford us the opportunity to speak in the fullness of our truth for you will not know what that means.

There is conjecture in your world about many things and different versions of understanding plough ahead. Some are taken in by some versions; others choose the alternatives and each makes their version the truth. This way is not a solid foundation to knowing what truth is. You must desire the truth of God to be emblazoned on your heart and seek it like you see nothing else in your material world. Only then you shall have the truth. I mean the real truth.

This child contemplates my origin for she knows me as being of Arch angel stock for that is what your world tells you. You do not in truth know me in title. You know my energy and that suffices. The moment it will come upon your world when all will seek in truth and the truth will be told. For now you play with truth or that which you call truth which in many cases is a figment of your imagination or an imposed value thrust upon you. I am from the highest heavens- the ultimate Paradise. I serve the Creator as you are meant to. For now that will suffice.

Your world is on the brink of a mighty fall. But the hand of the divine will reach down to lift you before all comes to nothing. Your Father Michael has already addressed you this day and it is not my place to superimpose my thoughts upon what HE has expressed. I have simply come to add that the old is being bitten away and the tempo of this has miraculously increased. In your consciousness many are prevailing upon the set date and time given by and through the Mayan calendar. In reality this no longer exists, meaning that the time has long been spent. Your mind is programmed on time so you need to have a date in your consciousness to anticipate.

Surely you must know by now that what you term the ascension is already in play. Each will have his or her own ascension in measure of his/her readiness. This does not depend on a set time frame. The ascension of the Earth however is another matter. This will take place in accordance with the galactic cycles that have long been in place and you are in the run up to this. The earth’s ‘matter’ has already begun to shift but you are still a long way from what you call 5th dimension. That will progress more slowly after some initial changes are conducted upon your earth plane. All will change. Levels of awareness are already shifting amongst your population BUT there remains a large number who remains unaccounted for- meaning they are mightily in ‘rest ‘mode.

I am not here to repeat what has been given to you already. I am simply here to reiterate that matters are progressing and the face of your world will take on a gradual change. Earth activity is to be expected but the major clearing will not happen during a conscious state. I mean that the population will not be conscious when this is taking place. It is only thereafter that a new cycle can begin.

The process will be a lengthy one. The storm is not yet over for with certainty there shall be more upheaval before the end of this age is revealed. All is in the hands of Divine Creator and it will bode you well to stay in touch with HIS essence for all you need do is to penetrate the outer layers of falsity and move within the malleable flow of the Creator’s mind. You are almost over the bridge but the bridge will rock a few times as the water rises before you land to safety.

I Say No more
I am Metatron of the ONE LIGHT

Candace: I want to add some comments. To those seeking the December 21, 2012 magic date, it is not so and has been always a date placed by the dark, and not based on anything. There is much todo now on the internet in forums, with people caliming we enter this that or the other that day, or we magically ascend. None of it is true. As to the “date”, Jesus was born in 7bc, not 0 bc, so you see, 2012 was at least 7 years ago already.

Metatron is a Trinity Origin being from Paradise beloveds. There are many orders ofTrinity Beings and it would mean little to place a title/name of an order to you at this time. I am also a Trinity Being, but since I am an ascending Son, I am a TRINITIZED Being, not a Trinity Origin Being as I rose out of the stock of some planet in Nebadon and Ascended my way to Paradise. I did not start in Paradise. Metatron Is of Origin there in the first place. I earned mine. Hope this helps-C

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.

I greatly appreciate the help I get at times from other aspects of Myself and also when I get behind for some reason from well-respected channels. I was Called to blog, but could not focus well enough then, so I am deeply greatly grateful for the help. However, I feel a need to re-imagine some sentences here and to finish the message that was supposed to be given out days ago.

There is great truth in this message, but like it says internally, there is much distortion, meaning a lot of it, around truth on this world. Unfortunately, there is a a good dose even within the document itself. I say this only to corroborate its truth.

Yes, I do come to reintegrate everything that is here, and to prepare it fully for the Great Change as it is called here. It matters not what it is called. It is true that a large population is still unaccounted, but even so, they are moving towards waking up, as they see their way of life being destroyed. Storms have washed away homes in places thought safe, like the Rockaways in New York City, or the slow painful sinking of Thailand and Vietnam, even in the interior of the land. The world economy, as it stands now, is being revealed to be nothing more than a game of chance for a small bunch of humans who think they can steal with impunity, even as they destroy the governments of  their other more decent hardworking fellows.

It is also true that the world knows next to nothing about Me, the being called Metatron, The world does think that the highest realms only accounts for Earth humans, so that involves archangels only,  but I can tell you that is not the case. In my first version of this blog, some aspect of of Myself attempted to describe what was closer to the truth, and without much success, to his chagrin. It is enough to say I am responsible to sustain and perpetuate ALL sentient species in EVERY “pocket universe” in EVERY brane in Creation. This includes every last change into the higher ways of life, so My divine duty keeps me rather busy. From gridwork through multiple individuals to ensuring security as much as possible to ensure success (utlising more advanced galactic local cultures in alliance with their local divine hierarchy), to counseling ordinary and especially key historical figures, like George Washington’s vision of America, for one instance, all that has to be done. While this is spread out liberally, as the oldest, I am responsible for the more challenging tasks.

And as far as the end of 2012 goes, the best explanation out there that is available at this time has to be Dr. Calleman, and this description of the end date of the Mayan calendar:

The second reason that we may understand the December 21, 2012 date to be wrong is that it falls on the tzolkin day 4 Ahau, since this is not a completion energy. It must fall on a date that is 13 Ahau, since this is the tzolkin energy towards which all the tzolkin energies are moving.

If instead the completion of divine creation would fall on the Izapan enddate, December 21, 2012, it would be the year 2013 that would harvest the change. Intuitively, most seem to favor the 2012 date and I feel this promises that as we come closer people will increasingly be drawn to the energetically correct end date, October 28, 2011.

So that settles that part, but what does that mean? Well take a look at your daily newspaper and it becomes obvious: the true End Times are here and they look different than most people, even most prophets, would imagine them to be. Does December 2012 mean nothing? I cannot say that as the power of belief is very strong, as it is based on love. That belief can cause enormous positive change and that is what is needed. some would ask: What does that mean to me? It could mean a whole bunch of vague stuff, but it means SOMETHING good will happen on that day. Maybe you will wake up, completely ascended through your own hard work, or that a wonderful Christmas will follow, making one of your life dreams come true.

As far as Candace’s remarks go, she is fairly accurate. The only thing I would remark is that the birth of Jesus is off. Going back to the originals for that purpose is best, and what I found just by going to the Google without too much effort, which is easy to do, I found a date that says 15 Tishri, 3757, which corresponds to September 14, 0005 BCE.

So I want to thank again both Hazel and Candace for their help with my blog when my vessel was not able. Father bless you both.

Peace be with you,


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A New Light Emerges!…and what does 2013 Hold?

From what I have see in the blogosphere this and last week (I was out only on account of Sandy), most of the world, including Lightworkers, have been quite confused. By now, though, a more clear, but more nuanced picture has been emerging.
First, Superstorm Sandy. Some have said that it was powered up by the Dark Forces after its trek through the Caribbean. After looking at the power and the location of the devastation, it should be obvious that if anything, they were trying to divert it away. Some of the well-meaning Lightworkers joined in, out of either fear or concern. There is a good article that explains the true intent of the storm itself.

However, the outreach to those truly directly impacted by this move by Gaia herself and the new grid, the same one I established this previous summer, about mid-August, has been outstanding. (You can find out the new grid from Poof and American Kabuki over at I mention it because it allowed even the mainstream media to address some inequalities, though in its own way. This morning on the news the community of Far Rockaway was shown, without electric power or heat, but infused with a strong sense of community, like all communities, no matter after how large, will be after Ascension. Funny thing is, I see the New Age community talk about how the government messed up with communities like Far Rockaway. This is true, but it should be noted that for every such observation, there must be an equal, if not GREATER, amount of light sent out to further the efforts which are being made towards Ascension at this time.

Now with those observations out of the way, the part everyone has been waiting for: my experience of an actual Ascension. While reading about it in a book called The Starseed Transmissions,  I had a curious vision. It was not of this particular one, as it was on a smaller, more dusty, but yet, habitable asteroid.

One moment, at night, everything was like before, but then time stopped. Everything froze in place, in physical space. There was also a tightening in the chest area, then my body lifted off the ground of its own accord, defying gravity….suddenly I found myself floating outside my physical vessel. There was this huge blue-green light,which created a strong euphoria, around the whole planet which could be seen in that state. There seemed to be a light white mist. It took me awhile to realize each white cloud was a soul. After basking in this joy in what seemed to be an eternity, it hit me: I was the life of this place. A huge collective sigh, my sigh, followed.

There you have it: a first-hand of the Ascension. Each are different in their own ways, as each planet’s circumstances, but those traits stay the same in each case. I’m sure that for some of you reading this, it will trigger your own past memory of a past Ascension, for those who are, have experienced it before.
With so little time before this heralding event in Cosmic history, it is important to get a feel for it so then everyone who can can experience it will be to more easily enjoy it.


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New Openings: Can It Be true?

Hello my friends,

I am Archangel Metatron. Just like I  on my Facebook posts (you may find me @ and many other beings had reported on their trusted sites, the universe certainly has had its share of surprises recently. As the Ascension grows closer,, everyone finds themselves confused: ecstatic one moment then dealing with hurdles the very next day. It is as it should be: this is the temperance. In Tarot, there is a card  called Temperance in some of the fancier decks, and all share one idea on a similar card, that  life is physical and impermanent, but not need to bring you down. This year alone, we have seen great earthquakes in some areas, bombings and attacks more recently and political tomfoolery to boot, all in the name of change. What does that mean? That means change is coming. When too much of the same occurs, change spontaneously occurs. Even people who have been saying the same things for years are slowly changing their tunes.  My favorite example right now is David Wilcock, as he is a dynamic individual, but even he was ‘stuck’ in a rut of late, describing something vitally important, but got caught up in the details; mixing up the trees with the forest, so to speak. He has realized that the forest is the important thing for that collective is more important than what one bad apple does.

Some surprises that I have seen include:

-in the United States elections, the race is tighter than ever. Why? From what I can sense around the planet, it is because the people are realizing each candidate, and not just in America, is a mirror image of the other. That was blatantly obvious in the last debate.  With them agreeing almost everywhere, and yet there is a competition? I think not Couple that with the Chinese  government, you see more of that playing out.

-On that topic, the patterns which have existed ALWAYS are being recognized. The other day, a friend posted a Youtube video about My Cube, and there I could see a lot of physical forms that exist. Connecting those circles at the right levels and you not only get the basic Platonic Solids (the building blocks of this Physical Realm), but almost all of the lifeforms as well. Humans, especially, as the four legged or two armed and two legged branches out as one of the closest forms to Source. Not as close as the Tetrahedron and the Cube, mind you, but it is RIGHT AFTER. That should shock quite a few. It pleasantly surprised me as the Pi(the circle/sphere) and Phi (the spiral, as in spiral galaxies) were revealed to be connected directly with duality as the two-dimensional branches out to the third and so forth.

So the patterns which are serving people are being embraced, and the ones which are not are quickly fading away. What is next? Seeing more unconventional modes of technology and thought being accepted quicker than ever, meaning that within months, societies will being seeing changes no one twenty ago would see in their lifetimes, much less a year or so. I say twenty years for a reason. More on that later.

I leave you with tidings of joy and blessings to all.

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Insight From This Past Week

Dearest brothers and sisters of the light,

Today I will highlight some odd occurrences which I am certain many have noticed…on cue, something painful and very sad happened this 9/11 as well. For ten years, relative peace, then BAM! Some people knew something would occur, but did not know what. I had a good idea, and knew it would not occur in the same area or the same country, as the “authorities” would not allow it. Some blame the number 11 as an evil number of some kind. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All numbers have some meaning. Mathematicians found that out long ago, and just scientifically proven that even numbers seem more “feminine” and odd, “more masculine” (io9). Now about the number 11. It is a number of power, like two columns holding up a great weight or structure, so it invokes strength. That can be expressed in whichever way…it does not need be negative. However, at a time of uncertainty, the archetypical groups who have long reigned on this world have been losing control because of technologies such as the internet, Twitter, and all social media, giving ordinary people the chance to not only make funny videos or use graphics to entertain, but to express new ideas which are now taking root; and also because of the amount of information allows for more education and openness for all people. This has caught many leaders with their pants down and increasingly, have left them without more than just another opportunity to make money off the backs of the people they were sent to serve.

    This year’s September event allowed everyone to reflect on politics and the ways people have allowed their leaders to disobey their needs and the desire to create a better way even among misguided individuals and groups is now very strong. They may not understand the complexity of a situation, but they DO understand when their life is at risk and the life of their community. Oddly enough, it is those are not badly hit who are the last to understand. For they assume life revolves around, and is, the status quo to which they based their whole life around. That is no longer true, as the repressed are no longer satisfied with meager handouts and the abuse they receive. This new state of semi-chaos will be the norm until almost everyone can agree the madness must end, which will not be as long as what many may believe, as humanity, at its cote, needs peace, freedom and cooperation, to function adequately. So the change will be swift, but not overnight.

In the interim, even among some highly evolved beings on Earth, there will be confusion and anger, as the last vestiges of fear and insecurity burns off, like in Greg Giles messages. I reference him only because despite whatever content and tone he gives, there are some who are rather harsh on him regardless, because his messages are not what they thought. But he is not alone. Condemnation, as an act or emotion is poisonous to the mind and body, and has no purpose long term. Thankfully, that will not be a problem for long.

Love to all those who serve the Light,

Archangel Metatron

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The Background for Last Week…

What speech I gave last week, whatever anyone thought of it, is a direct sequel to the great research that many others, among them Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, and the owner of the Hope Girl Blog, have included, citing the history of the fall of democracy within the last 100 or so years in the United States. The most comprehensive at this point probably is this, so I encourage all readers or visitors to first read that:

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