New Openings: Can It Be true?

Hello my friends,

I am Archangel Metatron. Just like I  on my Facebook posts (you may find me @ and many other beings had reported on their trusted sites, the universe certainly has had its share of surprises recently. As the Ascension grows closer,, everyone finds themselves confused: ecstatic one moment then dealing with hurdles the very next day. It is as it should be: this is the temperance. In Tarot, there is a card  called Temperance in some of the fancier decks, and all share one idea on a similar card, that  life is physical and impermanent, but not need to bring you down. This year alone, we have seen great earthquakes in some areas, bombings and attacks more recently and political tomfoolery to boot, all in the name of change. What does that mean? That means change is coming. When too much of the same occurs, change spontaneously occurs. Even people who have been saying the same things for years are slowly changing their tunes.  My favorite example right now is David Wilcock, as he is a dynamic individual, but even he was ‘stuck’ in a rut of late, describing something vitally important, but got caught up in the details; mixing up the trees with the forest, so to speak. He has realized that the forest is the important thing for that collective is more important than what one bad apple does.

Some surprises that I have seen include:

-in the United States elections, the race is tighter than ever. Why? From what I can sense around the planet, it is because the people are realizing each candidate, and not just in America, is a mirror image of the other. That was blatantly obvious in the last debate.  With them agreeing almost everywhere, and yet there is a competition? I think not Couple that with the Chinese  government, you see more of that playing out.

-On that topic, the patterns which have existed ALWAYS are being recognized. The other day, a friend posted a Youtube video about My Cube, and there I could see a lot of physical forms that exist. Connecting those circles at the right levels and you not only get the basic Platonic Solids (the building blocks of this Physical Realm), but almost all of the lifeforms as well. Humans, especially, as the four legged or two armed and two legged branches out as one of the closest forms to Source. Not as close as the Tetrahedron and the Cube, mind you, but it is RIGHT AFTER. That should shock quite a few. It pleasantly surprised me as the Pi(the circle/sphere) and Phi (the spiral, as in spiral galaxies) were revealed to be connected directly with duality as the two-dimensional branches out to the third and so forth.

So the patterns which are serving people are being embraced, and the ones which are not are quickly fading away. What is next? Seeing more unconventional modes of technology and thought being accepted quicker than ever, meaning that within months, societies will being seeing changes no one twenty ago would see in their lifetimes, much less a year or so. I say twenty years for a reason. More on that later.

I leave you with tidings of joy and blessings to all.

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