A New Dawn

As I am certain all have noticed by now, new hope is coursing through the land, rushing ever forward like a raging wildfire, and as such, it is all encompassing within its field. This hope is NOT wishful thinking, borne of desperation, it is born of the Divine Will and Love berewing throughout the millenia on this planet.


The time has come for the Spiritual to be made Physical. It is time for new hope. It is finally time time to end the years and decades of waiting. Time is speeding up. Confusion is abounding. Everything that can go wrong seems to be going wrong. This is only a prelude to the glorious day of hope and abundance. There is nothing more that I would like more than to all who read these words that it will, indeed, be tomorrow. Yet it is not so. Still, with every passing second, the experience of that comes ever closer, as you, the people of EA-rth, wake up in the embrace of your Creator. This same intelligence you are just learning of now. With every minute’s passing something extraordinary coming about: the coalescing of all Souls on this wonderful, Beloved planet, which is a jewel of your Galaxy.

Contrary to what you or what most have heard, She is NOT just a lab or a school, but a storehouse of wonders from just about every inhabited planet in your Local Universe. For you see, this is the irony of it all: Gaia/Earth was created as gleaming jewel, yet seems to have fallen short of its promise. But let not appearances fool you–it has by no means fallen short. For the promise was two-fold. First, to have every Being upon Her surface learn all that is necessary to be physical. Even I am doing so at this time. In the past, I would not have dreamed of doing so. Yet there has never been a time when so many Higher Dimensional Beings have chosen as I have. We all have yearned to know what physical life is all about. For even we “sit back” and wonder what other souls have been talking of for so long. With this, the future looks bright, and is getting even more so with each rotation of your star across your night sky.

Frequently, I harken back to the times of Atlantis or to the times of the Sirians, Arcturans and the Pleidians. I do that so because only through their story can your story be understood; for they too have gone through similar testing. Same as you they have endured the destruction of their environment by avarice and greed; they have also known great tragedy and loss with ceaseless conflict, and they come out on top, as you will. What they did NOT have was a premature interaction of another culture from across the Galaxial pond. However your fate came about, it only enhances the beauty of your World, like polish. So much so, it brings unbridled joy to my “cold” and logical Heart. It is amazing to see how well the promise has been fulfilled.

Secondly, as your world was being lovingly formed from the Ethers, a prophecy came forth, stating its destiny. Remember when all humans thought they and their planet were special? I am happy to renew that childlike faith, for you ARE special. You see, that prophecy states: that it should be the glue of all Creation. The lessons learned here are unique, as all the Galaxies and even some other Sub-Universes have all contributed to your mix of cultures and thoughtforms and beliefs. Even though Earth may not be the densest planet, physical or psychologically, or even the most challenging  to acclimate to, it does have one unique quality. Through the time of the Quarrantine, as described by many, it has accelerated growth of consciousness faster than previously any planet before it. The prophecy also stated that it shall be the last dark planet, as every planet after shall have learned its lessons from here. So ever since its birth, My angelic brethren and I have been keeping watch through its development. Now, your creator wishes to speak to you:


Thank you, Father.

The day is quickly approaching when there will be no sorrow, for your siblings from the stars are eager to meet you. Bear in mind, they will never try to deceive or trick you, as it is not their way, as I myself advise them on Contact, as do many of the famous spiritual leaders of your past on various matters. By the end of this month, around September 21st,  the more sensitive amongst you will get your wish: almost unlimited contact with them or your True family. Week by week, more and more Souls will experience the same, until your world is jumping for joy. By the time they openly walk amongst you, by December, it will be but a formality. You will have most things you could ever physically need, desire or even dream of by then.

With that I leave you with love from all the Higher Realms.

Archangel Metatron

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Welcome to Truth About 2012 blog, 2.0

This blog is dedicated to the truth of the mystical year of 2012. Call it whatever you wish: a fantasy, the end times , or what-have-you, this year is rather important in terms of history. In the next couple of weeks, this blog will  be reopening with an emphasis on current events and its historical impact.

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The Revolution Has Begun!

Greetings, Beloveds,

This is Metatron, Lord of Light!

I am in a rahter chipper mood today as the true revolution on this planet has finally commenced. In every area of human endeavor, there is tremendous change. In the financial area, which David Wilcock and Ben Fulford have been carefully tracking. This has led to the rash of quiet arrests and/por resignations of prominent financial persons. It has reached nearly 130 of the top most important underlings of the Dark Forces. All that is left is the removal of the top most layer, and Humanity will free. Like you like guy like to say, Free at last, free at last!”

Even in the unimportant areas, like politics, or even pro wrestling (yes, I watch, because we too have athletics), even there, there are undeniable breezes of fresh air which in some ways have not seen the light of day for centuries or millenia. This is very heartening to see for all the Heavenly Host, for we too, have been doing quiet work behind the scenes, giving you, the Human Race, a chance to go in whichever direction YOU choose. The end result is very heartwarming to us all. As the people in Nirvana nad beyond this universe all say, we are glad. The Divine Plan is reaching its final conclusion,as far as the third dimension is concerned.

If I may go into some depth, the morphogenic field surrounding the planet is coalescing and gelling, thanks to those triple dates I have spoken of elsewhere. One such date, recently passed, 3/3/12, giving all on Earth’s surface and beyond a glimpse of true beauty of the Universe beyond the veil of duality. The Crystals at Manchu Pichu, Peru and the Crystal of Knowlledge in Arkansas, and the Crystal of Lighted Healing, protected by the Atlantean survivors by Mt. Shasta, all briefly powered up at once and activated the Cave of Creation which the Master Gridworker, Kryon, likes to talk about every once in awhile. This shifted the new grid into partial phase coherence and began the final ascent into the realms of the 4th and 5th dimensions. What are the dimensions do I talk about? Certainly not the ones physicists speak of, because those “spatial refracting dimensions” are used to `generate the rest of the holographic system which, like a torus, is actually turned inside out, allowing internal thoughts and beliefs to be experienced as something outside of oneself, which is useful to acquire and lock down large amounts of data in a  closed system. This is important because this will only increase as the Lighted realms already are automatically drifting everyone’s attention to higher things and better things. Gaia itself may have ascended already, but there still remains the smallest sheet of attention to allow all Humans to choose their fates over the next  five to six months, when the first big changes will have to start. this does not mean all will be settled; It shall not be settled fully until at least  2014, if not later. However, all the major shifts will be in pldace, including:

  • space travel
  • psychic ability beyond what is currently known
  • lucid dreaming for all
  • abundance for everyone, all across the globe
  • the dead visiting the living
  • all creatures directly communicating

This does mean arguments amongst humans will be gone, or that everyone will be magically happy, but it means no more dishonesty, no more miscommunication, and no more physical deformity or suffering, only string mental disagreements.

To the members of the trsuted group I visit, Share11, I welcome you all to look at this particular post, because it will probably resonate with most of you.  Furthermore, as part of the Intergalactic Council of Worlds, I can tell you this plan the Federation has put in place is sound and will come to pass. I could ruin some surprises, but what is needed is the return of the Divine Child–the One who Wonders at the Glory, which implies surprise. This is the Age of Surprises, the Age of Wonder.

I wanted to write on 3/6/12, the numerologists can see the irony of the meaning. for those uninitiated, that pattern is called the “Crucible” It is called that for a reason. This day which left us from its graceful arms, is the Day of No Return. What decisions or conscious patterns  came today will be the pattern of tomorrow, so I hope you all had wished for wonderful, positive things. I know I did.

One last thing, I want to remark on the whole subject of some channels being asked to stop. A being serves a particular function for awhile, and then moves on to a different task, with VERY FEW exceptions. You all know this to be true.One cannot stay as a child. They must grow up and find their passion, and help others find theirs in time. all of us all called upon to do many things at once, on many levels. Even if the job remains, different aspects must be tended to. My job is to oversee just about every last Ascension in the UNIverse (read: Multiverse),s o it requires flexibility, lots of travel, and  patience to delve into many worlds I myself I have helped design. It is a challenge I welcome, but this last one as made even I a little wary, with all the conflicting data and expectations. In my place right now, stands Michael, the bearer of good news, which is normally my duty, and as Akashic scribe is believe, Tzaphkiel, my colleague and friend. My thanks to them to stepping up to the plate as this Plan required my full attention, which I previously did not think was required. I am glad I had the unfailing support of so many of my children, brothers and sisters, as well as the guidance of my Parent to send me the information I required to complete the crowning jewel of Its Glory.

Also many thanks to the lightworkers, who have volunteered from countless stars and, in som3 cases, even beyond. You are the backbone from which this has been possible.

I will write regularly, but do not know the dates, but will keep those with ears to listen of the important news of the Ascension as always,

Your faithful servant,

I AM Metatron

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About Angels….

Finding out about my angelic heritage was big revelation. I write that from my body’s POV, as did not understand that tt first. It just knew something was off, and was sick of falling down and having things being so incredibly difficult. Even the basics. My body knew right away this was different from the last time I had come to any physicality. I happen to like kung-fu and the like–always have. Angels do not and never condoned violence, but we think of it as exercise, and as an art. If you have ever seen a tournament, martial arts movie, or even So you Think You Can Dance, you automatically know to what I refer. I must sometimes remember I do not need to be so informal in my speech for when you live in Rome…

I will shock you with a little fact. Before this body came out into this  world, the person who helped shape it, saw my magnificence. My body and its personality  (then relatively unformed) saw it later. It was a shock. For I (Yahoel) have, orangey/tan skin, Dune-like radiant blue eyes, and snow-white hair. A lot of ascended beings have similar features like that. Look in the Bible, you find that basic description for Yashashua (Christ) after his Resurrection as well!

Something else not everyone knows about Angels. We are fast and can fly, but we do not need wings. That just refers to our speed and unusual abilities.

Now, for the good part. many, though not all humans are angels already. Those that are come from the great Firstborn (Seraphimic) Houses. From my review of my memory, there are 7 such houses. (NOTE: Seraphim come from outside any particular Universe, so ignore other sources that talk about Angels. Those are a different type/form of Angel.) Everything was made from those templates.

Here are the Houses:

1. Metatronic/Michaelean (Yahoel, Sandalphon, Michael, and Shekinah, and the Cherubs) KW:  Passion, Clear Thinking, Spiritual knowledge, detachment

2. Raphaelic (Raphael and Faith, Israfel [also known as Kryon, Master of Magnetic Service], Ariel ) KW: Healing, Comfort

3. Urielian (Uriel, Hadriel, Phanuel , if he were real Casiel (from “Supernatural”) KW: Seriousness, Precision

4. Cassik (Cassiel (the real one), Samael [also known as “Lucifer/Satan”], Azrael [archangel of death]) balance, acceptance

5.  Gabrielian (Gabriel and Constance, Orphmiel, known as the “great finger of the Father”, Raguel) Brotherhood, exploration

6. Zadkielian (Zadkiel, Hagiel [Greek goddess Aphrodite] and all Buddhas) Comapssion, Nature

7. Raziel (Raziel, Jophiel, Lord Melchizedek and all Melchizedeks)

As anyone can see, these templates were set down before this Universe even before it was a thought but all those heroes and tragic heroes that we know of were influenced by these seven attributes. No one is exempt. These eternal attributes may be called other things in other tongues, on Earth, on other inhabited planets and dimensions, but they will be described exactly by those who know of it.

Every human has at least two Angels with them at all times. Some obviously have more, depending on the nature of their life’s work, which you call destiny. That depends on how they affect the Divine Plan. Those that do not need many angels typically need physical bodyguards for the same function. A person who is approachable, friendly, open, even too much so, has many Angels with them.

Angels are multifaceted. In ancient times they were more like slaves, because they were really working. Those fights in the Bible are a good indicator, plus the way Solomon used the fallen ones. They can help find stuff. Keys, love, a job, confidence-you name it, they can do it. That is what they do. They can also help you deal with life a little bit easier. Thing is, you must know their name in order to help. No creature, created or supernatural, can do everything.

So I hope this answers most basic questions about angels in an advanced, yet detailed way.

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SaluSa, April 13


We say again what wonderful souls you all are and admire your dedication to see out the challenges that have been presented to you. Having been separated from your Higher Self by the veil of forgetfulness, you have still found the Light within and proceeded to make your way back to full conscious awareness. It has enabled you to make a giant step forward and prepare yourselves for Ascension. With it also comes the ability to be discerning where any information is concerned, and you will be able to determine the truth from the more dubious messages or outright disinformation. Take what resonates with you, and if you pass over genuine information you may be sure it will come your way again. In actual fact, you already have all knowledge within. It sometimes means setting aside what you have been brought up to believe, to allow an opportunity for the truth to be understood. Better still start your quest for the truth by starting with a clean sheet. This way your Guides will be able to reach you and help point you in the right direction. Be assured that for each soul many Higher Beings are working to enlighten them.

Life need not be complicated, but humans have become egotistical and often self-centred. You cannot progress this way without many battles leading to confrontation, and peaceful relationships are hard to reach. The problem is that each one desires to control the other one, and that is a recipe for dissension. When you have reached the stage of treating others as your equal, and can find love in your heart for them, you can handle such situations with patience, calmness and understanding. It takes time to withstand verbal assaults and attempts to control you, but it is possible to let it pass over your heads without any negative emotional response. In time you will find no problem at all in achieving such a calmness, and it goes hand in hand with being able to treat all with Unconditional Love. First however, you must learn to control your emotions, and know that you do not need to be threatening to make your point. Normally humans act first and think afterwards, and that is often too late to avoid the consequences.

Dear Ones, we know it is easy for us to talk about such subjects as self control, but it is a stage you will achieve as your levels of consciousness rise up. The more Light you absorb the calmer you become and your very presence brings peace to those around you. Imagine the beautiful uplifting energy that forms when many souls of a similar disposition get together. Some of you have experienced it and will know how powerful it is. As the many groups grow in numbers all around the world, they become linked together until a gridwork of Light is formed. With the increase in the amount of energy being sent to Earth, it expands exponentially and rapidly lifts the vibration. It means you already have one foot in the fourth dimension, and are leaving the lower dimension behind. If you are intent upon ascending, you will never have had such a golden opportunity to do so.

There is hardly a single message about Ascension that does not mention the Love and Light, and it is because it is essential to your success and ability to return to the higher realms. Each soul is of the Light even if it is subdued, and have the potential to express themselves as a great Being of Love and Light. When you look at another person, see beyond their physical self and know that like every other soul they have the godspark within. You are linked to each other and it is true that what you do to one, you do to all. Collectively you are responsible for where you find yourselves today. Through many lives you have envisioned your future and created the path towards it. It has been up to you as to whether it is was hard or easy, but Man has in recent ages been completely engulfed in the dark energies and almost lost touch with the Light. Fortunately it can never be completely extinguished, and has risen up through the darkness to once again show the way. Now it has become the major force upon this planet, and is rapidly breaking up the lower energies that cannot exist side by side with such power. As you are now seeing very clearly the changes are speeding up and sometimes creating chaos, but it will be short lived.

We of the Galactic Federation are doing what we can to bring a peaceful settlement in the Middle East, but the dark energies have been so embedded in that area it is not an easy task even for us. We cannot impose ourselves upon people, but work to bring peace and stability to a situation. If we were invited to participate that would naturally be different, yet in many ways it is far better if you are seen to overcome your own problems. However, we also answer to the God of this Universe, and carry out God’s commands where you are concerned. God has given you freewill and will not interfere with your decisions, unless the outcome goes beyond your Earth and affects other planets and life forms. The completion of the cycle of duality and Ascension is taking place because God has decreed that it is time for the cycle to be closed, and the next phase of your evolution should commence.

We are therefore like you part of the Great Plan that extends to the whole Universe, in which every planet is involved. All is uplifting into the higher vibrations, and it is a magnificent event and occasion for great celebrations. You too shall enjoy it and your little Earth will be the focus of much attention, as you are well known for your wonderful achievements throughout the time you have been on it. You may have been in quarantine but your development and success in overcoming the dark forces, is generally known. Once we have permission to openly land on Earth, you will eventually see representatives of many types of civilisations. Many will be humanoid but there are also others that are quite different, and all originate from the Source of All That Is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like my companions are excited that we are so near to meeting you. Yes, it may be some months before we are allowed to make a mass flyover, but contact with you has been going on for many years and will become more open in the immediate future. There are requirements that need to be fulfilled on both sides before it can happen, and there will have to be an agreement as to the right time for disclosure. In making our existence officially recognised, it will allow us to contact you in a more open way. That should lead to our delegations being able to meet with your authorities.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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