Truth of 2013

This I got from my favorite group on Yahoo! from a fellow group member, Thomas, to his credit. I am not exactly sure what he is referring to, but if any person is on Yahoo anyhow, I recommend they find out.

I do not know this author,

but, I agree with his assessment of false channels..

The question is;

“who do you now trust for the knowledge of Truth”?..

or, should you trust anyone..

This is what you are trying to decide..

If I misled you,

would you again trust me?..

Truth has no lies within It’s nature..

This is why, It is called Truth..

These words are your’s to ponder…

These wise words are what lead Me since the only half-fulfillment of my words on this blog since December 21. It has served its purpose: to prepare the people who have seen it for the new beginning, and yet there is much left to say. However, that may or may not come, as I do not normally take to blogging.   Only the Supreme Creator can tell us all that, as this contract has been fulfilled to its title. We shall see.Now that I am here, I must find my way on this world to fit in where I can be more useful even more so than presently i hope all this which has been useful for the few that have occasionally visited, and I thank you for coming. If any have questions, they can contact me on Facebook by the handle Ishan Metatron. May Father bless all his children on the dawn of a blessed New Age! Enjoy it…it is well-deserved!

I AM Metatron

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