A New Light Emerges!…and what does 2013 Hold?

From what I have see in the blogosphere this and last week (I was out only on account of Sandy), most of the world, including Lightworkers, have been quite confused. By now, though, a more clear, but more nuanced picture has been emerging.
First, Superstorm Sandy. Some have said that it was powered up by the Dark Forces after its trek through the Caribbean. After looking at the power and the location of the devastation, it should be obvious that if anything, they were trying to divert it away. Some of the well-meaning Lightworkers joined in, out of either fear or concern. There is a good article that explains the true intent of the storm itself.


However, the outreach to those truly directly impacted by this move by Gaia herself and the new grid, the same one I established this previous summer, about mid-August, has been outstanding. (You can find out the new grid from Poof and American Kabuki over at AmericanKabuki.ca) I mention it because it allowed even the mainstream media to address some inequalities, though in its own way. This morning on the news the community of Far Rockaway was shown, without electric power or heat, but infused with a strong sense of community, like all communities, no matter after how large, will be after Ascension. Funny thing is, I see the New Age community talk about how the government messed up with communities like Far Rockaway. This is true, but it should be noted that for every such observation, there must be an equal, if not GREATER, amount of light sent out to further the efforts which are being made towards Ascension at this time.

Now with those observations out of the way, the part everyone has been waiting for: my experience of an actual Ascension. While reading about it in a book called The Starseed Transmissions,  I had a curious vision. It was not of this particular one, as it was on a smaller, more dusty, but yet, habitable asteroid.

One moment, at night, everything was like before, but then time stopped. Everything froze in place, in physical space. There was also a tightening in the chest area, then my body lifted off the ground of its own accord, defying gravity….suddenly I found myself floating outside my physical vessel. There was this huge blue-green light,which created a strong euphoria, around the whole planet which could be seen in that state. There seemed to be a light white mist. It took me awhile to realize each white cloud was a soul. After basking in this joy in what seemed to be an eternity, it hit me: I was the life of this place. A huge collective sigh, my sigh, followed.

There you have it: a first-hand of the Ascension. Each are different in their own ways, as each planet’s circumstances, but those traits stay the same in each case. I’m sure that for some of you reading this, it will trigger your own past memory of a past Ascension, for those who are, have experienced it before.
With so little time before this heralding event in Cosmic history, it is important to get a feel for it so then everyone who can can experience it will be to more easily enjoy it.


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