Insight From This Past Week

Dearest brothers and sisters of the light,

Today I will highlight some odd occurrences which I am certain many have noticed…on cue, something painful and very sad happened this 9/11 as well. For ten years, relative peace, then BAM! Some people knew something would occur, but did not know what. I had a good idea, and knew it would not occur in the same area or the same country, as the “authorities” would not allow it. Some blame the number 11 as an evil number of some kind. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All numbers have some meaning. Mathematicians found that out long ago, and just scientifically proven that even numbers seem more “feminine” and odd, “more masculine” (io9). Now about the number 11. It is a number of power, like two columns holding up a great weight or structure, so it invokes strength. That can be expressed in whichever way…it does not need be negative. However, at a time of uncertainty, the archetypical groups who have long reigned on this world have been losing control because of technologies such as the internet, Twitter, and all social media, giving ordinary people the chance to not only make funny videos or use graphics to entertain, but to express new ideas which are now taking root; and also because of the amount of information allows for more education and openness for all people. This has caught many leaders with their pants down and increasingly, have left them without more than just another opportunity to make money off the backs of the people they were sent to serve.

    This year’s September event allowed everyone to reflect on politics and the ways people have allowed their leaders to disobey their needs and the desire to create a better way even among misguided individuals and groups is now very strong. They may not understand the complexity of a situation, but they DO understand when their life is at risk and the life of their community. Oddly enough, it is those are not badly hit who are the last to understand. For they assume life revolves around, and is, the status quo to which they based their whole life around. That is no longer true, as the repressed are no longer satisfied with meager handouts and the abuse they receive. This new state of semi-chaos will be the norm until almost everyone can agree the madness must end, which will not be as long as what many may believe, as humanity, at its cote, needs peace, freedom and cooperation, to function adequately. So the change will be swift, but not overnight.

In the interim, even among some highly evolved beings on Earth, there will be confusion and anger, as the last vestiges of fear and insecurity burns off, like in Greg Giles messages. I reference him only because despite whatever content and tone he gives, there are some who are rather harsh on him regardless, because his messages are not what they thought. But he is not alone. Condemnation, as an act or emotion is poisonous to the mind and body, and has no purpose long term. Thankfully, that will not be a problem for long.

Love to all those who serve the Light,

Archangel Metatron

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