About Angels….

Finding out about my angelic heritage was big revelation. I write that from my body’s POV, as did not understand that tt first. It just knew something was off, and was sick of falling down and having things being so incredibly difficult. Even the basics. My body knew right away this was different from the last time I had come to any physicality. I happen to like kung-fu and the like–always have. Angels do not and never condoned violence, but we think of it as exercise, and as an art. If you have ever seen a tournament, martial arts movie, or even So you Think You Can Dance, you automatically know to what I refer. I must sometimes remember I do not need to be so informal in my speech for when you live in Rome…

I will shock you with a little fact. Before this body came out into this  world, the person who helped shape it, saw my magnificence. My body and its personality  (then relatively unformed) saw it later. It was a shock. For I (Yahoel) have, orangey/tan skin, Dune-like radiant blue eyes, and snow-white hair. A lot of ascended beings have similar features like that. Look in the Bible, you find that basic description for Yashashua (Christ) after his Resurrection as well!

Something else not everyone knows about Angels. We are fast and can fly, but we do not need wings. That just refers to our speed and unusual abilities.

Now, for the good part. many, though not all humans are angels already. Those that are come from the great Firstborn (Seraphimic) Houses. From my review of my memory, there are 7 such houses. (NOTE: Seraphim come from outside any particular Universe, so ignore other sources that talk about Angels. Those are a different type/form of Angel.) Everything was made from those templates.

Here are the Houses:

1. Metatronic/Michaelean (Yahoel, Sandalphon, Michael, and Shekinah, and the Cherubs) KW:  Passion, Clear Thinking, Spiritual knowledge, detachment

2. Raphaelic (Raphael and Faith, Israfel [also known as Kryon, Master of Magnetic Service], Ariel ) KW: Healing, Comfort

3. Urielian (Uriel, Hadriel, Phanuel , if he were real Casiel (from “Supernatural”) KW: Seriousness, Precision

4. Cassik (Cassiel (the real one), Samael [also known as “Lucifer/Satan”], Azrael [archangel of death]) balance, acceptance

5.  Gabrielian (Gabriel and Constance, Orphmiel, known as the “great finger of the Father”, Raguel) Brotherhood, exploration

6. Zadkielian (Zadkiel, Hagiel [Greek goddess Aphrodite] and all Buddhas) Comapssion, Nature

7. Raziel (Raziel, Jophiel, Lord Melchizedek and all Melchizedeks)

As anyone can see, these templates were set down before this Universe even before it was a thought but all those heroes and tragic heroes that we know of were influenced by these seven attributes. No one is exempt. These eternal attributes may be called other things in other tongues, on Earth, on other inhabited planets and dimensions, but they will be described exactly by those who know of it.

Every human has at least two Angels with them at all times. Some obviously have more, depending on the nature of their life’s work, which you call destiny. That depends on how they affect the Divine Plan. Those that do not need many angels typically need physical bodyguards for the same function. A person who is approachable, friendly, open, even too much so, has many Angels with them.

Angels are multifaceted. In ancient times they were more like slaves, because they were really working. Those fights in the Bible are a good indicator, plus the way Solomon used the fallen ones. They can help find stuff. Keys, love, a job, confidence-you name it, they can do it. That is what they do. They can also help you deal with life a little bit easier. Thing is, you must know their name in order to help. No creature, created or supernatural, can do everything.

So I hope this answers most basic questions about angels in an advanced, yet detailed way.

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